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Outside of acting Bryce is the co-creator of the podcast Bigfoot Collectors Club, a weekly paranormal podcast in which amazing guests discuss their personal paranormal histories, followed by a story of high strangeness.

Bryce Owen Johnson (born April 18, 1977) is an American actor , producer, game creator, born in Reno, Nevada. At 5 they moved to Denver, Colorado and graudated from high school in 1995. After that his family relocated to Sioux City, Iowa, where Bryce attended acting classes at the local community college

His mother encouraged him not to join the Navy so at 19 he enrolled at Pasadena’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts. In 1999 he started getting roles in movies, television, and voice work in video games.

His first movie role was “Puzzled” in 1999, followed by “Chasing Pepi” in 2003. Four more roles came in 2004, “Bring It On Again”, “Harry + Max”, “Home of Phobia”, and “The Skulls III” which went straight to video.

In 2006, he appeared in “Sleeping Dogs Lie” written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. Bryce was the voice of Dr. Strange in the 2007 “Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme”. In 2008 he was in “Trucker” and “Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous” with Jessica Simpson. In 2009 he was the voice of Bruce Banner in the antimated “Hulk Vs”.He was then in more Goldthwait films; 2011 “God Bless America” and the 2013 “Willow Creek”.

Some of his television appearances were 43 episodes of “Popular” (1999-2001), 23 episodes of “Pretty Little Liars” (2010-2016), 12 episodes of “Death Valley”, single episode appearances in “Gilmore Girls”, “Nip/Tuck”, “Without a Trace”, “The Mentalist”, “CSI: NY”, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “NCIS”, “Anger Management”, “Glee”, “Supernatural”, “Hot in Cleveland”, “Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits & Monsters”, “Magnum P.I.”, and “American Horror Story: Double Feature”.

He has worked on video games such as “Call of Duty 2”, “Call of Duty 2: Big Red One”, “Gun”, “Justice League Heroes”, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, and “Resistance: Burning Skies”. I have been watching on of his latest series, the Discovery Channel show “Expedition Bigfoot” that he appears in and produces.

Bryce is the creator and host of the popular podcast “Bigfoot Collectors Club”. He has been interested in Bigfoot since his childhood. Acting is his profeesion but researching the strange and unexplained, along with crypto-zoological creatures, are his passion. Those pursuits converged in 2013, when Bryce starred in the critically lauded movie “Willow Creek,” a found-footage horror film about a quest to find evidence of Bigfoot.

While researching his role, Bryce met Robert “Bob” Gimlin, the man who, along with Roger Patterson, captured the legendary footage of Bigfoot in 1967. That meeting, and their subsequent friendship, cemented Bryce’s commitment to pursuing the truth about the existence of Bigfoot.


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