Suzanne Somers Dies

“squeeze, squeeze your way to shapely hips and thighs”

Suzanne Somers was an American actress, author, and businesswoman who gained fame for her roles in television shows, her fitness and wellness books, and her business ventures. Born on October 16, 1946, in San Bruno, California, as Suzanne Marie Mahoney, she had a diverse and successful career in the entertainment industry. Her mother, Marion Elizabeth, was a medical secretary, and her father, Francis Mahoney, was a laborer and gardener.

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Album Art – Peter Lloyd

This is where I’ll be talking about the Album Art that I like. That is one of the benefits of 12″ vinyl albums, the cool packaging that surrounded the record. Here I’ll research the creations that we all loved as children, teenagers, and adults. I’ll try to find as much information on the artists as I can.

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Roger Sharpe, the Pinball Wizard

The man who saved pinball.

Roger Sharpe is a well-known figure in the world of pinball, with a career spanning over four decades. He is a player, writer, historian, and advocate for the game of pinball. He has contributed to the growth and development of pinball through his various roles in the industry.

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Lennon and McCartney – Doyle’s Space: Music Hall of Fame – Songwriters Award

My first inductee(s) for my Songwriters Award is Lennon and McCartney, John Lennon’s 2nd time and Paul McCartney’s 3rd time into Doyle’s Space Music Hall of Fame.

Lennon and McCartney complemented one another as personalities and as musicians. McCartney’s melodic facility smoothed over some of Lennon’s rougher edges. Lennon’s grit added texture and leavened some of McCartney’s more saccharine tendencies.

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Raquel Welch Dies

Her career spanned over 50 years starring in over 30 films and 50 television series and appearances.

Raquel Welch was born as Jo Raquel Tejada on September 5, 1940, in Chicago, Illinois. She was the first child of Armando Carlos Tejada Urquizo and Josephine Sarah Hall. Her father, Armando, was an aeronautical engineer from La Paz, Bolivia. When she was two years old her family moved to San Diego California where she attended the Pacific Beach Presbyterian Church every Sunday with her mother.

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Bubble Wrap

The final Monday in January is known as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

In 1957, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes created three-dimensional wallpaper from sealed air pockets between shower curtains. They thought people would love the groovy design, but Bubble Wrap’s destiny was function over form. A great packaging material was born.

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Alberto Vargas

His mastery, with the airbrush, is acknowledged by the founding of the Vargas Award awarded every year by Airbrush Action Magazine.

Alberto Vargas, a renowned Peruvian painter of pin-up girls, was born February 9, 1896 in Arequipa. His father was photographer Max T. Vargas and Alberto started out trying to follow in his footsteps. With his fathers encouragement he turned more to airbrushing and painting, studying in Europe, Zurich and Geneva prior to World War I. A French magazine cover by Raphael Kirchner, on a La Vie Parisienne issue is said to be his main influence.

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