Residual Haunting

Could you repeat that?

A residual haunting is an event that repeats through eternity. A residual haunting is an event that repeats through eternity. Sorry! There’s no attempted interaction between the living and dead in this case of haunting. The theory is that something tragic happened like war, murder, or horrible death and the afflicted are stuck in a loop like in a recording.

“The Stone Tape Theory”  follows that a particular event, often a strong, emotional, or tragic event, may be captured within some physical means or perhaps ‘psychically’ etched within or upon the structural framework of a particular location. 

Scientists have been utilizing crystals for the purpose of information storage like in my post for Quartz Data Storage. Dr. William G. Roll, famed parapsychologist and professor with the State University of West Georgia, Department of Psychology,

as well as a member of the Parapsychological Association believes that buildings and foundations can absorb forms of energy from living beings and that they are laid down during times of high emotional stress, like murder and suicide, and even happy occasions like parties or romance occasions.

Spirits involved in this kind of residual activity are unaware of their surroundings, having no concept that time has moved on, and they are certainly not aware of our presence or investigators. Sometimes people will hear children laughing or water splashing at an abandoned, empty pool as an example.

In a residual haunting, the spirits will not interact with you and the same scenes will be repeated over and over. They will be oblivious to your presence and they may walk right through you. Scenes will usually begin and end abruptly like playing a video from a point and then just shutting it off after a few seconds. Sometimes it is not the actual house or building that is the storage point. It could be that structure was built over another important placeholder like a battlefield or graveyard.

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