New Nazca Lines?

In 2018, archaeologists identified 143 new Nazca lines to add to the nearly 100 gigantic figures, strange geometric symbols and thousands of lines that have been located in the last 100 years.

These strange geoglyphs and lines are located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. The area they cover is twice the size of Washington D.C. The massive figures include a hummingbird, condor, spider and monkey all drawn with a single line that never crosses itself and are up to 3/4 of a mile across.

There are lots of lines, perfectly straight, sometimes parallel to each other, sometimes crossing other lines and up to 1200 feet long. All the figures and lines are drawn in the sand with precision, maintaining perfect widths and angles and only seen well from above.

There are three main theories to why they exist. 1. Lines were used as an astronomical calendar 2. Drawn with the help of aliens since they can only be seen from above 3. Used in drug induced rituals to pray for resources from the Gods.

The San Pedro Cactus, found locally, causes hallucinogenic, psychedelic trips allowing you “to reach heaven while still on earth”. Some believe that the Paracas culture drew about 50 percent of the lines and figures, starting a 1000 years before Nazca.

They would be conquered by Nazca and their practices taken over. Some of the early figures can be seen from the water near the port city of Paracas, like the candelabra (or cactus) which can be seen as far as 22 miles out to sea. Of the newest discoveries there is a 200 foot two-headed snake, a bird, strange zig zag lines and a humanoid figure found due the shifting sands in the area.

Some have a theory that all the lines are for one thing – precious water. The thing that they needed for life in the desert, without fresh water they all would die. Some of the symbols are astronomical – kind of an ancient farmers almanac – helping them plan planting seasons and such.

Where lines cross has been found to locate wells of water, I watched them dig up an example which in just 5 feet or so they found old roots and wet sand. The other is the worship figures to their Gods, asking for help find water and staying alive. The famous astronaut is also said to possibly be a fisherman, wavy lines could represent water and the snake and hummingbird are said to be signs for water. I think this is about the best explanation I’ve heard, although the alien theory is, by far, the coolest.

Author: Doyle

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