Roswell: The First Witness (2020)

I just watched “Roswell: The First Witness” three, two hour, episodes on History’s Greatest Mysteries hosted by Laurence Fishburne. Former CIA operative, Ben Smith, is the investigator on this special event. His main clue is Jesse Marcel who was the first official to arrive on the scene of the reported crash.

Major Marcell passed away in 1986 at the age of 79. Ben talks to his children and grandchildren and they show him a memorandum book, kept by Marcell, that becomes major in this investigation. Also, a flight crash investigator takes and interesting look at the debris field.

I don’t claim to know what happened here but I’d go as far as saying that it was definitely not the weather balloon as the story was originally changed to, nor the 1990’s story change to the nuclear test surveillance balloon from Project Mogul.

In this 6 hour event they left several interesting investigations unknown, like the possibility of a code in the memorandum book, what the memo, seen in the famous weather balloon lie photos, really says and who really wrote in the memorandum book.

This has been a mystery since July 1947 and may go on forever. I wouldn’t mind seeing more episodes, in the future, on this interesting subject.

Author: Doyle

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