The Chupacabra is a creature that is rumored to exist in North and South America. The name is Spanish for goat sucker as it is known to kill goats, chickens and other livestock by biting the neck, like a vampire, and sucking out the blood.

The first Chupacabra attacks were reported in 1995 when the creature attacked eight sheep on a farm in Puerto Rico and drained their blood. Soon other reports popped up in the United States, Mexico, Nicaragua, Argentina, Panama, Brazil, Peru, and other countries.

Descriptions vary, from dog-like to lizard spines on the back, walking on all fours or walking on two legs. Veterinarians have identified the supposed Chupacabra bodies found to be canids afflicted with mange. Also, they say the blood has not been removed from the victims and the necks are broken as if they have been violently shaken, like a wild dog will do to kill.

They are usually described as being 3 to 4 feet tall, will hiss and hop great lengths. They also have large , red glowing eyes. In central Russia, 2006 there was a rash of  livestock attacks, 32 turkeys and 30 sheep.

The search for a Chupacabra was featured in the 1997 The X-Files episode “El Mundo Gira”. It seems that the reports multiplied after this airing.

A very good report of the Chupacabra was made and later questioning found that the lady had just been to the theatre to see the move “Species”. The alien creature, designed by H.R. Giger, was almost the exact description given.

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