What Are The Sierra Sounds?

Did you see Bigfoot?

The Sierra Sounds are vocalizations, being made out in the wilderness by some unknown creatures. They were recorded by journalist Alan Berry and avid outdoorsman Ron Morehead. They would hang microphones in trees and then wait patiently for the sounds to occur.

What they captured is considered the best vocalizations ever recorded of possible Bigfoot conversations. The location of the recording has never been publicized but it is in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Eastern California, a remote deer-hunters camp between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park.

In 1971, Ron Morehead worked as a hospitality manager and church board administrator in Merced, CA. Be became aware that some friends had heard mysterious creatures making horrific sounds while deer hunting. They had even found human-like footprints that were oversized. Ron went back with the hunters to investigate.

This small group included a hunter-friend and Sacramento journalist Alan Berry. He was a former officer in the Vietnam War, held a Master’s Degree in Science, and was an investigative reporter for the Sacramento Bee[1]. He originally had joined the expedition to disprove the encounters. He did hear, and couldn’t explain the sounds and helped make plaster casts of the footprints.

Retired U.S. Navy linguist, R. Scott Nelson, with over 30 years of experience studying foreign languages, was able to shed some light on the very strange audio clips. He believes he is hearing actual speech, and after studying the recording for years, is convinced that what we’re hearing was an actual, intelligent conversation in an as-of-yet undocumented language.

The series of audio clips are some of the strangest and most compelling recordings in Bigfoot investigation history. The sounds were the subject of a year-long study at the University of Wyoming.

The study concluded that there was no doubt the sounds were primate in nature and that one of the creatures involved in the recordings far exceeded a human being’s lung capacity and range. The creatures whistled, screamed, whooped, and vocalized towards the men several times.

After the invaders faded into the night, Berry and his companions found large bare-foot prints. Ron Morehead reported that Alan Berry passed away back on January 30, 2012.

I hiked into this camp with pre-knowledge that the hunters claimed strange things had happened there, beginning the previous season. I backpacked with a state-of-the-art Sony portable tape-recorder, some plaster of Paris, and my wits, thoroughly convinced someone was pulling someone’s leg, that it might be mine, and that I would expose the hunters’ ‘mystery.’ The first time ‘in’ nothing happened [but] the second time in, things were different. As dusk became dark night, something approached camp from a ridge above, rapping on wood or rocks as it came, and when it arrived, two voices that I could discern, it vocalized, and the sounds carried through the trees as I have never heard human voices carry every before or since. And it whistled, a clear, beautiful whistle like a bird might make, between its kind, and at one point back and forth with us.

Alan Berry

  1. The Sacramento Bee is a daily newspaper published in Sacramento, California, in the United States. Since its foundation in 1857, The Bee has become the largest newspaper in Sacramento, the fifth largest newspaper in California, and the 27th largest paper in the U.S. It is distributed in the upper Sacramento Valley, with a total circulation area that spans about 12,000 square miles: south to Stockton, California, north to the Oregon border, east to Reno, Nevada, and west to the San Francisco Bay Area. [Back]


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