Bigfoot Nests

What has been building these nests?

Structures have been found that “experts” are reporting as Bigfoot nests. My first thought was that hunters, who have hands, may have created some of these structures as a “ground blind”, as they are usually found on the game trails that the Bigfoot researchers were following.

But, a problem with my theory is that many of the “nests” were not set up very well for a human hunter. Some teepee-type structures would be perfect for throwing a tarp over for a night’s sleep.

I’ve also seen some reports that looked too good to be true. I’m just filing those in the faked department. Some, excrement, and hair samples have been found inside as well as bedded down leaves and soil. Raccoons use nests but do not build them themselves. They usually just take up residence in abandoned ones.

Skunks have the same habits as raccoons and you could probably tell (smell) they have been using them. Bears build nests. Some are in rock crevices, hollow trees, or brush piles. Some are under the upturned roots of windblown trees leaning 45 degrees.

Others are under the trunks of down trees that are held a foot or two off the ground by the root mass. Some are simply aboveground nests. Bears will shred the bark in the area to mark trees in their range.

Some primates do build nests but most are up in the trees. Gorillas do build theirs on the ground sometimes but it is usually just an area to lay in not a protective covering. More like a bird’s nest.

Building a nest similar to the ones being associated with Bigfoot is more of a human thing to do. Take that any way you wish but I can’t find other animals that interweave branches of broken-off limbs to form a lean-to-like stucture.


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