Cynthia Weil Dies

Cynthia Weil wrote the lyrics and her husband Barry Mann the music.

Cynthia Weil was an American songwriter and lyricist known for her contributions to numerous hit songs from the 1960s and beyond. Born on October 18, 1940, in New York City, Cynthia Weil grew up on the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side of Manhattan in a Conservative Jewish family.

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Paul Vance Dies

It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini
That she wore for the first time today, An itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini, So in the locker, she wanted to stay

“Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini” dominated AM radio in 196o, making Brian Hyland a teen idol in the process. The song hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was a hit around the world. It was written by Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss and first released in June 1960, inspired by Vance’s daughter, who was too shy to wear a bikini in public.

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