Rocket Launch (03/06/21)

It was raining when I left home, just as predicted, not! When we arrived, at the field, it was completely overcast, just as predicted, not! It was windy, with higher gusts, making the 50 degree high feel pretty cold. The blue sky finally broke though about 4pm. As always, we had a great day flying rockets.

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Jolly Logic Chute Release

I just bought a Jolly Logic Chute Release after seeing it work for my rocketry friends. I used it today for a perfect flight with the chute opening at 300 feet, keeping the rocket from drifting in the wind. It is a small electronic device that releases your parachute at the altitude you pre-specify.

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Jolly Logic AltimeterTwo

I just got the Jolly Logic AltimeterTwo from for $69.99. I used it today and it is, as advertised, a great and fun product for Model Rocketry. This second generation device “uses state-of-the-art pressure and acceleration sensors to perform the 10 most important flight analyses for each rocket flight”.

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