CP and CG

In model rocketry you must ensure your rocket is stable. A stable rocket will fly perfectly, while an unstable rocket will fly in an unpredictable pattern possibly ruining the rocket, damaging property or hurting someone. Stability is extremely important when building a rocket from scratch, and a good idea to know how stable your kits are also.

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Rocket Launch (01/02/21)

Soggy, from the rain the day before, but a beautiful day. The temperature was 63, and in the sun felt warmer. The wind was light and the sky was mostly sunny until 3 pm when the clouds started rolling in for the evening rain. It was a great day for flying rockets.

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Rocket Launch (11/07/20)

Rain? We left in the unpredicted rain, drove in the rain and arrived in the rain. Luckily, about 30 minutes after we arrived the rain stopped and we even got a little sun during the day. The wind was worse up in the sky so the rockets, under parachute, drifted a little far at times, but overall a great day and about 72 degrees.

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