Rocket Launch (10/03/2020)

Great day for a rocket launch! Beautiful fall weather, not a cloud in the sky, light winds and 73 degrees. We used the Jolly Logic AltimeterTwo on all ten of our flights.

Joe’s Estes Ascender E16-6

Max Altitude (Feet) 420
Top Speed (MPH) 96
Thrust Time (Sec) 1.89
Peak Acceleration (G) 5.6
Average Acceleration (G) 2.3
Coast to Apogee (Sec) 4.1
Apogee Ejection (Sec) 1
Ejection Altitude (Ft) 417
Descent Rate (MPH) 10
Total Flight Time (Sec) 33.2

Doyle’s Estes Venus Probe body with clear payload section D12-3

Max Altitude (Feet) 473
Top Speed (MPH) 127
Thrust Time (Sec) 1.81
Peak Acceleration (G) 9
Average Acceleration (G) 3.2
Coast to Apogee (Sec) 3.2
Apogee Ejection (Sec) -0.7
Ejection Altitude (Ft) 445
Descent Rate (MPH) 6
Total Flight Time (Sec) 49.8

Joe’s Estes Ascender F15-8

Max Altitude (Feet) 767
Top Speed (MPH) 128
Thrust Time (Sec) 3.4
Peak Acceleration (G) 4.1
Average Acceleration (G) 1.9
Coast to Apogee (Sec) 5.5
Apogee Ejection (Sec) 1.9
Ejection Altitude (Ft) 711
Descent Rate (MPH) 13
Total Flight Time (Sec) 45.8

Doyle’s Custom Equinox D12-3

Max Altitude (Feet) 236
Top Speed (MPH) 68
Thrust Time (Sec) 1.8
Peak Acceleration (G) 5.8
Average Acceleration (G) 1.7
Coast to Apogee (Sec) 2.7
Apogee Ejection (Sec) -0.3
Ejection Altitude (Ft) 227
Descent Rate (MPH) 11
Total Flight Time (Sec) 17.9

Joe’s Aerotech Initiator G53 Black Jack with Camera (Video below)

Max Altitude (Feet) 1414
Top Speed (MPH) 267
Thrust Time (Sec) 1.22
Peak Acceleration (G) 15.6
Average Acceleration (G) 10.8
Coast to Apogee (Sec) 7.2
Apogee Ejection (Sec) -0.1
Ejection Altitude (Ft) 1407
Descent Rate (MPH) 21
Total Flight Time (Sec) 52.8

Doyle’s Custom Equinox D12-5 (lawn dart crash)

Max Altitude (Feet) 219
Top Speed (MPH) 63
Thrust Time (Sec) 1.94
Peak Acceleration (G) 4.6
Average Acceleration (G) 1.5
Coast to Apogee (Sec) 2.9
Apogee Ejection (Sec) -0.1
Ejection Altitude (Ft) 188
Descent Rate (MPH) 32
Total Flight Time (Sec) 10.8

Doyle’s Launch Pad Perseus

Max Altitude (Feet) 649
Top Speed (MPH) 129
Thrust Time (Sec) 2.68
Peak Acceleration (G) 4.4
Average Acceleration (G) 2.2
Coast to Apogee (Sec) 4.7
Apogee Ejection (Sec) -1.0
Ejection Altitude (Ft) 531
Descent Rate (MPH) 11
Total Flight Time (Sec) 38.4

Joe’s Estes V2 F12-5 Blackjack with Camera (Video below)

Max Altitude (Feet) 686
Top Speed (MPH) 200
Thrust Time (Sec) 2.3
Peak Acceleration (G) 6
Average Acceleration (G) 4
Coast to Apogee (Sec) 5.3
Apogee Ejection (Sec) -0.3
Ejection Altitude (Ft) 673
Descent Rate (MPH) 16
Total Flight Time (Sec) 34.1

Doyle’s Estes Fat Boy C6-3

Max Altitude (Feet) 173
Top Speed (MPH) 60
Thrust Time (Sec) 1.9
Peak Acceleration (G) 5.2
Average Acceleration (G) 1.5
Coast to Apogee (Sec) 2.4
Apogee Ejection (Sec) 1.4
Ejection Altitude (Ft) 152
Descent Rate (MPH) 8
Total Flight Time (Sec) 17.4

Joe’s Estes Silver Comet D12-5

Max Altitude (Feet) 358
Top Speed (MPH) 89
Thrust Time (Sec) 1.86
Peak Acceleration (G) 7.8
Average Acceleration (G) 2.2
Coast to Apogee (Sec) 4.6
Apogee Ejection (Sec) -0.3
Ejection Altitude (Ft) 354
Descent Rate (MPH) 10
Total Flight Time (Sec) 28.8

Author: Doyle

I was born in Atlanta, moved to Alpharetta at 4, lived there for 53 years and moved to Decatur in 2016. I've worked at such places as Richway, North Fulton Medical Center, Management Science America (Computer Tech/Project Manager) and Stacy's Compounding Pharmacy (Pharmacy Tech).

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