Rocket Launch (03/20/21)

About 55 degrees and windy, with prolonged gusts, made for an interesting day. A clear blue sky made for a pretty nice day but the wind lost one rocket to the trees and made for some loooong walks. We still had fun.

Joe’s Spector on a D12-5

Max Altitude (Feet) 271
Top Speed (MPH) 81
Thrust Time (Sec) 1.6
Peak Acceleration (G) 6.1
Average Acceleration (G) 2.3
Coast to Apogee (Sec) 3.6
Apogee Ejection (Sec) 0.7
Ejection Altitude (Ft) 257
Descent Rate (MPH) 29
Total Flight Time (Sec) 12.3

Walter’s Estes Long Ranger C6-3

Max Altitude (Feet) 545
Top Speed (MPH) 139
Thrust Time (Sec) 2.19
Peak Acceleration (G) 12.3
Average Acceleration (G) 2.9
Coast to Apogee (Sec) 3.8
Apogee Ejection (Sec) -0.6
Ejection Altitude (Ft) 518
Descent Rate (MPH) 18
Total Flight Time (Sec) 24.5

Joe’s LOC Magnum 3 with 3 x Estes E16-6’s

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