The Inventions and Discoveries of Benjamin Franklin

“Well done is better than well said.”

Benjamin Franklin was born on Milk Street, in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 17, 1706. His schooling ended at 10 years old and he learned by reading from then on. He worked in printing for his brother James who founded The New-England Courant, which was one of the first American newspapers when Ben was 15 years old. In about 1730 he became a Free Mason, a grandmaster in 1734, and was a Mason the rest of his life.

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The Scrambler

The Scrambler, Twist (in the UK), Twister, Cha Cha (in Australia), Sizzler, or Merry Mixer

The Scrambler introduces you to the concept of centripetal force which is the force, acting upon a body moving along a curved path, that is directed toward the center of curvature of the path and constrains the body to the path.

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Garage Door Opener

The first electric garage door opener dates back to 1926 when C.G. Johnson invented it in Hartford City, Indiana. You could open the door from a switch, either inside the garage (we still use those today) or outside, even on a post so you didn’t have to even get out of your Model T. In 1931, two teams, one in Illinois, the other in Washington State, both invented wireless garage door openers.

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Liquid Paper

What does musician Michael Nesmith, of Monkees fame have to do with correcting fluid? Well, his mother invented it! I usually just backspace and correct my typing mistake but, back in the day, there were typewriters and starting over was your only way to cleanly correct a mistaken key stroke. Even now, if something is already printed, and re-printing is not a choice, correction fluid or tape can come in very handy.

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Air Conditioning

I found myself, recently, thinking a lot about air conditioning. It seems that the air conditioner at work, which has had problems for many years, finally bit the dust. This left us suffering inside trying to fill the compounds coming into the pharmacy. I recently had to have my home unit serviced and Freon added. When I was a child we used an attic fan and had no central air.

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Eugene Burton Ely

Eugene Burton Ely was born in Iowa, 1886, and was the first aviator to take off from a ship and land on a ship. He flew a Curtiss Model D bi-plane from a platform constructed on the bow of the cruiser USS Birmingham at Hampton Roads, Virginia, on November 14, 1910. It was a rainy, foggy day but he was able to take off, dip so low that the plane actually touched the water but recovered and flew one and a half miles to land safely on shore.

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