Radioluminescent Paint

Luminescent paint is paint that exhibits luminescence. In other words, it gives off visible light through fluorescence, phosphorescence, or radioluminescence. There are three types of luminous paints: fluorescent paint, phosphorescent paint and radioluminescent paint.

When a radium salt is mixed with a paste of zinc sulfide, the alpha radiation causes the zinc sulfide to glow, yielding a self-luminescent paint for watches, clocks, and instrument dials. From about 1913 up until the 1970s, several million radium dials, coated with a mixture of radium-226 and zinc sulfide, were manufactured.

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Gallium – Ga – Atomic Number 31

Melting Point = 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit

I was watching the television series “The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch”, season 2 episode 5 on Discovery, when they came across some rocks that had been drilled and gallium placed in the voids. The rocks were then crated and hidden in a cave system. I wanted to research the gallium for myself.

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