Should Cats and Dogs Eat Pork?

Is the other white meat safe?

The quick answer is “Yes” but with restrictions. Cats, dogs, nor humans should never eat raw or undercooked pork at any time. This meat may be infested with trichinella parasites that can cause stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and other uncomfortable side effects.

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Why Do Cats Have Tails?

tail [ teyl ]
The hindmost part of an animal, especially that forming a distinct, flexible appendage to the back end of its body.

The cat’s tail is a complex series of muscles, nerves, tendons, and bones, 10 percent of all the bones in their whole body. Kittens chase their own tails all the time. Is this all they are good for?

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What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

The traditional role of compounding pharmacies is to make drugs prescribed by doctors for specific patients with needs that can’t be met by commercially available drugs.

I’ve been working at Stacy’s Compounding Pharmacy, in Atlanta, Georgia, for 20 years, and many customers have walked in the lobby and asked “just what is a compounding pharmacy?

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Pilling Your Cat

Here are some tips to hopefully ease your frustration!

I work at Stacy’s Compounding Pharmacy in Decatur, Georgia, and I hear owners stressing over trying to get pills or capsules into their cats. I’ve never had to do this myself, I would probably opt for the suspension or transdermal (rub in the ear pinna), but I thought I would see how it’s done.

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My Cat Eats Spiders

In the chill of night, At the scene of a crime, Like a streak of light, He arrives just in time…. SpiderCat

Cort loves spiders. He doesn’t play with them, he just stops them and eats them. If he sees a beetle, roach, ant, cricket, etc. he’ll play with them until he kills them or they get away, but he does not eat them. I decided to check out this behavior. Spiders are the most common of all the bugs, I have no shortage of them in my house. Most of Cort’s prey is probably the common house spider (Parasteatoda tepidariorum). Their common predator is birds, cats, dogs, and wasps. They eat mosquitoes, flies, and ants and live about one year.

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Merriam-Webster – a domestic cat with a striped and mottled coat

Tabby is a type of coat, not the breed of the cat. The English term tabby originally referred to “striped silk taffeta,” from the French word tabis, meaning “a rich watered silk.” Mackerel, classic, ticked and spotted are the four distinct patterns. This one, would be considered, the most popular, Mackerel.

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Mars, Inc.

Mars, Incorporated is the manufacturer of confectionery, pet food, and other food products and a provider of animal care services. It is owned by the Mars family, one of the richest in the world. Franklin Clarence Mars started the Mars Candy Factory in 1911.

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Advent Calendar

I was in Aldi the other day and I bought my cat, Cort, an Advent calendar with cat treats. I asked my friend Kelly how an Advent calendar worked and she said I was supposed to give him a treat from behind each number for that day in December. Cort suggested that we rip them all open now. I decided to do a little research.

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