Stihl Gas Leaf Blower

The semi-automatic choke and the new start/stop switch make it virtually impossible to flood when starting this unit. The high-performance, low-emission engine makes quick work of leaves and other yard waste.

I bought a Stihl BG 56C gas leaf blower for minimal use around my house. I use it to blow grass off my driveway, the leaves off the concrete areas around my shed and deck, and the pine straw off my roof. It is more than adequate for these tasks.

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adze noun \ ˈadz \
: a cutting tool that has a thin arched blade set at right angles to the handle and is used chiefly for shaping wood

An adze (sometimes spelled adz) is a woodworking tool, one of several tools used in ancient times to perform carpentry tasks. It dates back to the stone age and is very ax-like. The head, however, is attached at a right angle to the handle.

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Tamara Day

Designer Tamara Day is a purveyor of the glam and cozy.

Tamara Day is the host of the DIY Network television show “Bargain Mansions”. She is from the midwest, born in Kansas City, Missouri, on August 20, 1976. She is the daughter of Ward and Trish Schraeder and has a sister and two brothers. Ward taught all his children all aspects of construction. He has developed ventures in food distribution, 2700 head dairy farm, medical imaging centers, bank, and hospitals/assisted living facilities, winery, Freddy’s Food franchises, real estate holdings and, oil field explorations.

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Dead as a Doornail

Shuffled off this mortal coil

I say it all the time, I know what it means, but how did they come up with that phrase? Meaning that it is not alive, unequivocally deceased it can be figuratively or literally defunct – the phone line is deader than a door nail or that possum, you ran over, is as dead as a doornail.

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Porter-Cable Circular Saw

I added the Porter-Cable 20vMAX Circular Saw to my collection of the 20V Lithium tools. It weighs 6.5 pounds without the battery and costs around 60 dollars, on, tool only. It has a 6-1/2-inch carbide tooth blade of the cordless circular saw delivers a 2-1/8′ cutting capacity.

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Porter-Cable Jig Saw

I added the Porter-Cable 20vMAX Jig Saw to my collection of the 20V Lithium tools. I love the battery life and the tools are about as good as the corded ones. It is now hard to use a corded tool, such and inconvenience. It will cut up to 45 degrees adjustable with the onboard tool. It weighs 5 pounds without the battery and costs around 50 dollars, on, tool only. It has a dust blower to keep the sawdust and other debris away from the cutting blade. There is a red lever by the blade that makes changing it super easy.

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Why is it called a Crowbar?

I was helping my friend Tim with a project when he couldn’t find his crowbar. That got me wondering, why do we call it a “crow”bar? They are forged from long steel products, usually medium-carbon steel they are a tool used for removing nails or forcing two objects apart.

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