A roast capon is a succulent and tender bird with crispy golden skin perfect for serving as the centerpiece for any special occasion!

Caponization is a centuries-old practice that involves surgically removing the testes of male chickens (roosters) to create a castrated bird known as a capon. Caponization has a long history, dating back to ancient Rome and China, where it was performed to improve the flavor and tenderness of the meat. Capons were considered a delicacy in many cultures and often served at royal banquets and special occasions.

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Black Bean Soup

Enjoy your dinner with this black bean soup – perfect for a tasty meal.

I decided to make some black bean soup with my new Instant Pot so I started browsing recipes. I decided to combine several and use some of my previous (very little) experience. I wanted to use one of the no-soak recipes as a starter. I bought a bag of beans at Aldi.

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What does “Divided” mean in a recipe?

I consider myself a pretty fair cook. I’ve cooked some all my life, but when I hurt my foot, and couldn’t get around very well, I subscribed to the service “HelloFresh“. They send you everything you need to cook meals included a nice cardstock recipe. No recipe they sent me, none that I’ve found in a book or online ever had the term “Divided” until today.

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Breakfast Smoothie (Diabetic)

I make a breakfast smoothie every morning and it lasts me until lunch. It tastes good and is easy to make. I pre-fill 20 little cups (purchased in packs of 10 at the dollar store) with the powders and keep them in the fridge for quick access in the mornings. I’ll include the recipe here and you can visit my Allrecipes page.

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