Minolta Weathermatic A

Housed in a miniature submarine

Back around 1980 I decided to get a 110 camera to carry fishing and hunting that I would not have to worry about. I chose the Minolta Weathermatic A watertight pocket camera. The bright yellow, easy to find, color and the large, glove friendly, controls were very helpful.

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The vine that ate the South

I moved to a one acre lot in Decatur, Georgia about 6 years ago. The backyard was covered in Kudzu. I kept cutting it back but it grows extremely fast. In a weeks time the vines would extend across my back yard, stretching out (one foot a day) to reach the house. I was able to keep it cut back with the aide of my Stihl Brush Eater blade and kept spraying it with Bayer Brush Killer. I feel I have it somewhat in control at the moment.

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Texas Rig

The weedless worm

My Dad learned to fish Texas rigged plastic worms fishing with his work buddies from Friendly Ford. He showed me what he had learned and soon I was hooked (get it). Simply slip on a lead , brass or Tungsten bullet weight and then tie your hook on using your favorite fishing knot.

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American Robin

61 tons of robins!

American Robins are 9 to 11 inches and are gray above, brick red below. Head and tail black in males, dull gray in females. Young birds are spotted below. Their song is a series of rich caroling notes, rising and falling in pitch. They use mud to reinforce their grass and twig, cup shaped, nests where they lay 3-5 blue-green eggs.

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Garden Pump Sprayers

I live on one acre and have lots of weeds and Kudzu to kill. I have been spraying the Kudzu for 6 years now and it is a lot better than when I moved in. I keep cutting back the brush and vines with the brush eater and spraying Bayer Bioadvanced Brush Killer Plus. I have a bad back, once a week I visit the chiropractor, and the Itisll one gallon sprayer I bought, works great, but takes a lot of refills to get the job done.

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Taraxacum officinale, or dandelions, are wildflowers that grow as weeds in your yard, native to temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere. They have decorative yellow flowers that are open during the day, closed at night, and within a few days will go to the seed head that every kid recognizes. The seeds are blown off the head and scatter in the wind.

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