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Does Water Expire?

I noticed that the jugs of water we use at the compounding pharmacy have an expiration date. This got me thinking, does water expire? The first thing I checked was whether or not the government requires expiration dates on bottle water.

New Nazca Lines?

In 2018, archaeologists identified 143 new Nazca lines to add to the nearly 100 gigantic figures, strange geometric symbols and thousands of lines that have been located in the last 100 years.

Universal Soldier (1992)

I watched Tri-Star Pictures, 1992 military science fiction movie, Universal Soldier on Netflix DVD. This is about soldiers that were killed in Vietnam, 1969) and brought back to life, in a super secret program, as an elite counter-terrorism unit. A problem arises when some of the soldiers start to get their memories back. The film … Continue reading “Universal Soldier (1992)”