Richard Jewell (2019)

I watched the Clint Eastwood produced and directed film “Richard Jewell” on Netflix DVD. It was filmed in Atlanta, where it originally took place, and depicts Richard Jewell as the completely innocent ex-cop, security guard. The Atlanta Journal and Constitution (AJC) and the FBI are portrayed to look like jerks. The AJC tried to get Clint Eastwood not to make reporter Kathy Scruggs, played by Olivia Wilde, look so bad in the film saying that her role was  “entirely false and malicious.”

Paul Walter Hauser is great as Richard Jewel and Kathy Bates is wonderful as Barbara, his Mother. Sam Rockwell does as incredible job playing Watson Bryant, Richard Jewell’s lawyer.

I really enjoyed the movie and will give it 4.5 out of 5. The extras on the DVD are superb and I’ll give them 5 out of 5. If you want to read more check out Wikipedia, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

The last photo is Richard Jewell who died 08/29/2007.

Warning – Spoiler Video Below -Warning

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I was born in Atlanta, moved to Alpharetta at 4, lived there for 53 years and moved to Decatur in 2016. I've worked at such places as Richway, North Fulton Medical Center, Management Science America (Computer Tech/Project Manager) and Stacy's Compounding Pharmacy (Pharmacy Tech).

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  1. I remember, during the Olympics, the Richard Jewell thing was all over the news. The press was so emphatic about him, I assumed that he was guilty. I remember when Eric Rudolph was caught, and confessed, I still believed Richard Jewell had something to do with the bombing!

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