Alex Trebek Dies

Alex Trebek was born in Ontario on July 22, 1940, and grew up in a bilingual French-English home. He was a bellhop before attending the University of Ottawa and became interested in broadcast news. After working announcer jobs for a while he got into game shows in 1973. He hosted The Wizard of Odds, High Rollers, Double Dare, Stars on Ice, The $128,000 Question, Wall $treet, Pitfall, Battlestars,

Malcolm (pilot) and Starcade (pilot) before getting the 1984 revival of Jeopardy which he would host until his death in 2020. During Jeopardy he also hosted Lucky Numbers (pilot), Second Guess (unsold pilot), VTV-Value Television – co-host with Meredith MacRae,

Classic Concentration, The National Geographic Bee national finals, Super Jeopardy!, To Tell the Truth (1990–1991), The Red Badge of Courage/Heart of Courage – Canadian-produced show highlighting brave individuals,

The Pillsbury Bake-Off, Wheel of Fortune – April Fools’ Day episode (also a substitute host in August 1980), Live from the Hollywood Bowl – annual live broadcast, Game Changers – host and executive producer and Jeopardy!

The Greatest of All Time. He played himself in many TV shows and movies. Alex worked through a couple of heart attacks and a subdural hematoma (my Dad never completely recovered from his) but finally lost the battle, at 80 years old, with pancreatic cancer on November 8, 2020. He will be remembered as one of the greatest game show hosts of all time.

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