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[From Wikipedia] Wi-Charge is an Israeli company developing technology and products for far-field wireless power transfer using focused infrared beams. Wi-Charge was founded in 2012 by Victor Vaisleib, Ori Mor and Ortal Alpert. The company is developing a unique far-field wireless power technology based on infrared laser beams. In 2015, Wi-Charge demonstrated its first prototype capable of charging small electronic devices.[1] In 2017, the company claimed to obtain compliance with international safety standards. During CES 2018, Wi-Charge demonstrated simultaneous charging of multiple devices from a single transmitter.[2] Wi-Charge claims to deliver power using focused beams of invisible infrared light. The system consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Transmitter connects to a standard power outlet and converts electricity into infrared laser beam. Receivers use a miniature photo-voltaic cell to convert transmitted light into electrical power. Receivers can be embedded into a device or connected into an existing charging port. The transmitter automatically identifies chargeable receivers and start charging. Several devices can charge at the same time. According to Wi-Charge it can deliver several watts of power to a device at several meters away.[3] The core technology is based on a distributed laser resonator which is formed by the retroreflectors within the transmitter and the receiver.[4] This unique concept allows the charging of multiple devices without any moving components and if an opaque object enters one of the beams the corresponding power transfer is turned off automatically.

A schematic description of typical wireless power transfer using a laser beam. A transmitter converts electricity into a light beam and a receiver on the other side converts the light back to electricity.

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