Rocket Launch 04/04/2020

It started overcast but turned out  beautiful and 75 degrees. Ken,  Kevin and I had some great launches,  fun day. The rocket above is a Kit Bash by Kevin of an Estes Argent and Partison kit.  He calls it the Silver Surfer and it is flying on a F63-10R.




The 4 above are my Public Missles Matrix flying on a G80 Blue Thunder.

Ken’s LOC Onyx on a G74 White lightning (misfire!)

Ken gave me this Meteor Masher, successful flight on a C6-3

Ken’s (unknown rocket) on a C6-3

Kevin’s Cosmic Wedgie on an E28

Ken’s LOC Onyx on the G74-6 White Lightning. Notice that it pulled the rod and blast deflectors out of the launch pad (look carefully in the photo below also!


Kevin testing one of his ignitors
Kevin’s Red Devil (parachute didn’t open but no damage!!!!)

I flew my Matrix again on a EconoMax G74-6W which being under-powered resulted in this core sample. The rocket was not damaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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