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The 1.2 model of the Raspberry Pi Zero includes a small form-factor CSI port which requires a camera adapter cable to attach a camera module to a Pi Zero:

  1. Remove the existing camera module’s cable by gently lifting the collar on the camera module and pulling the cable out.
  2. Next, insert the wider end of the adapter cable with the conductors facing in the same direction as the camera’s lens.
  3. Finally, attach the adapter to the Pi Zero by gently lifting the collar at the edge of the board (be careful with this as they are more delicate than the collars on the regular CSI ports) and inserting the smaller end of the adapter with the conductors facing the back of the Pi Zero.

Your setup should look something like this:
2.2. Testing

Now, apply power to your Pi. Once booted, start the Raspberry Pi Configuration utility and enable the camera module:
You will need to reboot after doing this (but this is one-time setup so you won’t need to do it again unless you re-install your operating system or switch SD cards). Once rebooted, start a terminal and try the following command:

raspistill -o image.jpg

If everything is working correctly, the camera should start, a preview from the camera should appear on the display and, after a 5 second delay it should capture an image (storing it as image.jpg) before shutting down the camera. Proceed to the Basic Recipes.
If something else happens, read any error message displayed and try any recommendations suggested by such messages. If your Pi reboots as soon as you run this command, your power supply is insufficient for running your Pi plus the camera module (and whatever other peripherals you have attached).

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