Munster Go Home (1966)

I watched Munster Go Home, the 1966 movie on Svengoolie. It was hilarious, as always, but I believe it would be even funnier with the laugh track, lime l like the tv series. I would give out 4.3 out of 5.

Munster, Go Home! is a 1966 American comedy horror film based on the hit 1960s family television sitcom The Munsters. It was directed by Earl Bellamy, who also directed a number of episodes in the series. The film was produced immediately after the television series completed filming for its original run, and included the original cast with the exception of Marilyn, who was played by Debbie Watson replacing Pat Priest from the series.

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  1. We are used to the laugh track from the TV show but a theatrical releases is a whole other ball o wax.

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