Clipboard Copiers

In Apple’s IOS14 users are notified when an application accesses the clipboard. That is when everyone realized that these companies have the ability to read whatever information you have stored like; passwords two-factor auth codes, photos and more.

This is not only Apple apps but Android too. Are these companies using your data for nefarious reasons? Most likely not, but if you are concerned clearing the clipboard or simple copying mundane data afterwards will stop any would be thieves. When tested, it turned out that Tik Tok was reading the clipboard every one to three keystrokes. Many companies have been called out and many have already turned off this feature and/or are working on resolutions. Below I’ll list a few companies if your interested and the video below does a good job explaining the issue.

Be careful with your passwords
and sensitive data

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Call of Duty
  3. Fruit Ninja
  4. PUBG Mobile
  5. Accuweather
  6. AliExpress
  7. Google News
  8. Tik Tok
  9. Reddit
  10. Overstock
  11. Paetron
  12. ABC News
  13. Al Jazeera English
  14. CBC News
  15. CBS News
  16. CNBC
  17. Fox News
  18. News Break
  19. New York Times
  20. NPR
  21. ntv Nachrichten
  22. Reuters
  23. Russia Today
  24. Stern Nachrichten
  25. The Economist
  26. The Huffington Post
  27. The Wall Street Journal
  28. Vice News
  30. Hotel Tonight
  31. The Weather Network
  32. Sky Ticket
  33. TruCaller
  34. ToTalk
  35. Tok
  36. Viber
  37. Weibo
  38. Zoosk
  39. 8 Ball Pool
  40. Amaze!!!
  41. Bejeweled
  42. Block Puzzle
  43. Classic Bejeweled
  44. Classic Bejeweled HD
  45. Golfmasters
  46. Plants vs Zombies Heroes
  47. Bed Bath & Beyond
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