The Callanish Stones

The Callanish Stones were erected during the Monolithic Era between 2900 and 2600 BC. They are near the village of Callanish on the west coast of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

The Callanish Stones consist of a stone circle of thirteen stones with a diameter of 37.4 feet. The center stone (which is a little off center) is 15.7 feet tall. There are five rows of standing stones that connect to the circle (see the drawing included here from Also, within the circle is a chambered tomb which was added at a later date. All the stones are from the same rock type, Lewisian gneiss. There have been lots of pottery pieces found, in the circle, dating 2000-1700 BC. It seems that the site was completely abandoned around 800 BC. It has been suggested that the stones were a prehistoric lunar observatory.

Folklore has suggested that the stones are petrified giants that would not convert to Christianity. Another folklore says that on the midsummer morning an entity known as the

Shining One” walks the length of the avenue, he comes heralded by the call of the cuckoo.

There are many other megalithic sites nearby.

In pop culture Julian Cope’s LP “Jehovahkill” (1992) has the stones on the cover; the Pixar film “Brave” (2012) features scenes based around the stone circle; the Starz TV series “Outlander“(2014) uses the stones for a fictional stone circle called Craigh Na Dun and also using them for time traveling when touched.

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