Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper was recorded being used in China in the 6th century AD and mass production in the 14th century. I will be concerned here with the toilet paper, in rolls, that we are used to today. The first known patent was in 1883 for a roll dispenser with a cutting edge since the rolls were not perforated yet. In 1891, inventor of perforated rolls, Seth Wheeler obtained a patent. His drawings clear up the proper way to hang a roll of Toilet Paper.

Obviously, other folks had tried perforations but were perfected with Wheeler’s patent. I remember, as a child, mother was against the colored and/or scented Toilet Papers. I never really questioned it until I recently checked it out. There are some that believe that the chemicals present in these can cause infections, inflammation,

growth of fungus and even cervical cancer due to the carcinogens and synthetic dyes present. These colored and/or scented rolls were mostly popular from the 1950’s through the 1970’s. Due to medical concerns and that bathroom designs went more to a white color in the 1980’s the manufacturers pretty much stopped making them.

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