Murphy’s Law

If anything can go wrong, it will

Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law is the adage that if anything can possibly go wrong it will. I’ve lived this countless times and I know this law is factual. Anytime I do work around my house I prove it over and over. Where it came from nobody really knows. They have guessed possibly in the 1940’s, just after WWII, Capt. Edward A. Murphy Jr., engineer working for the Air Force in Project MX981 started the ball rolling.

The goal was to test human resistance to g-forces in quick decelerations. It is said that one day in 1949, after he found a transducer was wired inappropriately, he scolded the technician who did this job and told him that “if there was any way to do it wrong, he would find it”.

Another example of the law would be getting over, in traffic, to the lane that has started moving and the lane you were in takes off while your new lane stops! There are many books on Murphy’s Law like Murphy’s Law : And Other Reasons Why Things Go Wrong by Arthur Bloch. I haven’t read any of them but they sound fun.

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