Rocket Launch (02/20/21)

Another beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and 50 degrees. The winds very variable from 0 to 12 mph, a few gusts and it changed directions often during the day. It was great and we had a wonderful time with some great flights.

Doyle’s Towelie 3 on Estes C6-5

Max Altitude (Feet) 307
Top Speed (MPH) 80
Thrust Time (Sec) 2.9
Peak Acceleration (G) 7.8
Average Acceleration (G) 1.8
Coast to Apogee (Sec) 3
Apogee Ejection (Sec) 1.8
Ejection Altitude (Ft) 261
Descent Rate (MPH) 8
Total Flight Time (Sec) 27.8

Doyle’s Towlie 2 on Estes C6-5
(wind picked up and it
weather-cocked severely)

Max Altitude (Feet) 202
Top Speed (MPH) 69
Thrust Time (Sec) 1.99
Peak Acceleration (G) 6.3
Average Acceleration (G) 1.6
Coast to Apogee (Sec) 2
Apogee Ejection (Sec) 3
Ejection Altitude (Ft) 110
Descent Rate (MPH) 25
Total Flight Time (Sec) 10

Doyle’s Towelie 2 Cato’s with a C6-3 – the parachute fully opens at the end

Author: Doyle

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