Ladyfish (Elopidae), also known as skipjacks, jack-rashes, or tenpounders, is a coastal -dwelling fish are found throughout the tropical and subtropical regions.

They spawn at sea and then the clear fish larvae migrate inland entering brackish waters. The body is a tapering spindle shape and oval in cross section and they have big eyes and forked tails.

They eat smaller fish and shrimp but are boney and not really known for consumption themselves.

Ladyfish jump wildly when caught earning the nickname, “poor man’s tarpon”. They can be caught on shrimp, cut bait, small jigs, plugs, spoons or streamer flies but they will strike almost any appropriately sized offering.

Use care when handling a ladyfish. Their scales are easily damaged and they bleed profusely from any injury. When handling a ladyfish, it’s advisable to keep the vent pointed away from yourself. If fishing from a boat, hold the fish over the side.

When stressed, they frequently release a surprising quantity of recently digested fish and crustaceans. The IFGA World record for the ladyfish is 12lb, 4oz caught fly fishing in Langkawai, Malaysia. The Florida record is 6lb, 40z caught at Cocoa Beach in 2005 and the Georgia record is 5lb caught in 1978.

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