Wordscapes is a game by Peoplesoft, Inc. It combines a word search in a crossword puzzle environment. You must form words, with the letters provided to fill the crossword to complete a level.

With more than 3700 levels there is a lot of challenging fun to be had here. At the bottom of a level you get several letters that you must form into words that fit in the crossword given. You can click the crossed arrows button to randomize the letters to give you different looks that might help you find words. As you get points you’ll get cheats that you can use like one that gives you a letter in the crossword or one that gives you a whole word. So far I’ve never used one, but my time may come. Once you complete the crossword you are taken to the next level. If you exit the program it always starts back up exactly where you left it. Nice!

If you touch (on your phone) the first letter of a word, that you have found in your crossword, then you’ll get a definition box. This is nice when you’ve come up with a combination of letters that form a word and you don’t have any idea what it means. The levels get harder and harder as you go along so there is always a challenge. There are ads for more games, but they go pretty fast and you can just click the X in a few seconds. They’ll keep trying to sell you cheats and stuff during your game but you can just click by those too.

There are downloads for PC (Windows and Mac) and Mobile devices (IOS and Android). These are free and, like I said, you never have to pay (I’m not going to). There is also an extra daily puzzle you can solve. If you guess words, that are not in the crossword, they are listed in the star as Bonus Words. Sometimes you’ll find a bunch of these which can be frustrating. You will certainly expand your vocabulary and perform some, in my case needed, brain training at the same time. Enjoy!

Author: Doyle

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