Igloo Coolers

I can’t tell you how many Igloo Coolers my family and I have owned through the years. As a child, I remember the metal ones and later, when I was buying, they were lighter, but sturdy, plastic. Daddy had one of these metal water coolers that he used when he played softball. It was eventually replaced with a fancy plastic model. Igloo began in 1947 as a metal working shop that made these metal water coolers. In 1960 they merged with Production Tooling Company and renamed themselves Texas Tennessee Industries (TTI).

In 1971 they changed their name to just Igloo. The first all plastic cooler came out as TTI Igloo in 1962 and designed by James F. Hutchison. The company’s headquarters are in unincorporated Waller County, Texas, United States, west of the city of Katy.

Igloo makes more than 500 different cooler type products and are sold all over the US and abroad. During the Covid-19 pandemic they pledged 100% of the profits from all Playmate Coolers sold on Igloocoolers.com to benefit the CDC Foundation and the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. This came to $203.794.

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