Smart Bulbs

Smart Bulbs connect through you WIFI to provide task lighting, accent lighting, and general lighting. The Philips Hue LED Lamps were the fist on the market, but now there is a wide variety of choices. They allow dimming and the changing of the color temperature from soft white to bright daylight. Some can emit up to 16 million colors.

I’ve heard people say, “I could just flip the switch” which is true. I have each one connected to my Alexa App and can say “Alexa, turn on the stairway light”. I could just reach over and flip the switch without speaking. But where they shine (pun intended) is when you put them into groups.

For example, I have two lights in my hallway, a light over my laundry area and that stairway light all in one group called “Hallway”. I can simply say “Alexa, turn on the Hallway lights” and they all come on.

You can also put lights, or groups of lights, in routines also. I can say “Alexa, Bedtime” and my bedroom lamp comes on as well the bedroom TV. This happens no matter which smart device I speak to, in the house, as I turn off lights and walk to the bedroom.

Even if you’re nowhere near a wall switch, it gives you the ability to control the lights with just your voice. You can also use the Alexa App on your phone to turn lights on or off from anywhere you might be. The bulbs also have an app giving the same control minus the groups.

For security you could put several bulbs in a group, then on vacation you could use the Alexa App to, simply, turn them on or off. One problem, is once installed, flipping the wall switch on/off will temporarily cause a connection issue.

I found these, easily installed, good looking switch covers that keep you from doing this while letting you still access the switch if necessary. They make them in clear, white and beige. I love my Smart Bulbs.

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