The Coldest City in the World

Yakutsk is a city that will not be on my Bucket List of places to visit in the winter. They have never recorded a temperature above freezing between November the 19th and March 14th. It is the capital city of the Sakha Republic, Russia. It is located 280 miles from the Artic Circle.

Yakutsk is the largest city in the continuous permafrost (the annual soil is below 23 °F and the temperature is never sufficient to thaw), located in the Central Yakutian Lowland and is a major port on the Lena River.

Founded in 1632 by the Cossacks (East Slavic Orthodox Christian people) and originally called either the Lensky prison or the Yakutsk prison. It has the coldest winter temperatures for any major city on Earth.

The differences between (their extremely short) summer and their (extremely long winter) is also the greatest in the world – reaching as much as 82 °F . occasionally in summer. The lowest temperature recorded in Yakutsk was −83.9 °F on February, 1891.

The highest temp was recorded July 17, 2011 at 101.1 °F . Precipitation is low at 9.3 inches per year with an average of 83 rainy days and 172 snowy days a year. On those hot summer days the relative humidify is around 0%.

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