Trappey’s Louisiana Hot Sauce is noticeably milder

I saw on Facebook someone bragging that they had found some Trappey’s Bull Louisiana Hot Sauce and how delicious they believe it is. I decided to do a little research on the brand. My Mother always kept McIlhenny Tabasco sauce in the refrigerator. It seems that a former employee of McIlhenny Company, B.F. Trappey, founded the company B.F. Trappey and Sons in 1898. B.F. was a grower of tabasco chilies from Avery Island (a salt dome best known as the source of Tabasco sauce) seed. With the help of his ten sons and one daughter, and began producing his own sauce, which he called “Tabasco”.

McIlhenny took offense to this and after a long feud obtained a trademark for their Tabasco brand in 1906. Trappey then changed their name to “Louisiana Hot Sauce”. Trappey’s products fall into two major categories—high quality peppers and hot sauces, including Trappey’s Red Devil™. Their peppers are never cooked, but are cold packed in distilled vinegar to retain the pepper’s color, freshness and crispiness, and the color-coded lids and labels make it easy for you to choose your favorite hot or mild pepper. The color-coded lids and labels make it easy for you to choose your favorite.

For their peppers and okra, green lids are used to indicate milder products, while red lids are used for their hotter products. The company was sold to Perry and Wiltz Segura in 1982; after some interim owners, the McIlhenny Company acquired it in 1991, selling it to B&G Foods in 1997.

Peppers used in Trappey’s products include Cayenne, Cherry, Cocktail okra, Jalapeño, Pepperoncini, Santa Fe Grande, Serrano, Tabasco and Banana. Trappey’s makes Red Devil Cayenne Pepper Sauce, Bull Louisiana Hot Sauce, Indi-Pep Pepper Sauce, Chef Magic Jalapeño Sauce,

Trappey’s Cut Okra, Trappey’s Creole Okra Gumbo, Trappey’s Cocktail Okra (mild and hot varieties) and pickled jalapeños. With a Scoville rating of 1,200 to 1,600, Trappey’s Louisiana Hot Sauce is noticeably milder than some other Louisiana-style sauces.

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