Lucy Eckersley – Punk Biologist

She loves animals, any kind of animal, traveling , and seeing them in their natural habitat.

Lucy Eckersley is a wildlife biologist specializing in wild cats, experienced in organizing and presenting at scientific events. She pursues animal behavior, animal diversity, conservation, entomology, and specimens.

Lucy was born in Manchester, England. Growing up she did a lot of hiking with her family, remembering games they would play like who could spot the coolest animal or the most interesting bird. She learned all the bird names and calls and collected rocks hoping to find fossils inside (and she still does).

She was decent at science in school and really good in sports like running, kayaking, and kickboxing. Lucy did enjoy biology in particular. While she was creative and artsy she was painfully shy, having difficulties speaking to people. In grade 11, a teacher suggested that she became a veterinarian which she pursued and learned that wasn’t for her. She worked at McDonald’s, at a men’s shoe seller, and at a tattoo parlor. Before college, she took a year off.

During this time Lucy moved to Japan and worked with the Japanese Red Cross at the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Hospital. While there she lived just 200 meters from the center of the bomb explosion, learned Japanese, and climbed Mount Fuji. Lucy chose the bullet climb, saw the sunrise from the peak, and got altitude sickness. She valued what she learned on her trip and also got an idea of what it was like to be out on her own.

Getting back to England she attended the University of Sheffield during which time she worked at a local rock pub. Sometimes Lucy would get home at 5 am and have lectures at 9 am. She worked a lot with insects and ran a radio show about science. As part of her schooling, she went to Borneo. Learning about wild animals is her passion and she did her dissertation on the evolution of dinosaurs to birds. She graduated with a degree in Biology and moved to London to work on her Master’s degree in Wild Animal Biology.

During these 4 additional years of school, she worked at the London Zoo. She also worked with the London Zoo Media Team and received her Master’s Degree. She is a science presenter and freelance presenter now. She is good at the practical side of biology but loves working with animal researchers in the field.

Lucy does comedy with the “Talent Factory” and loves to delve into animal photography. I learned about her from appearances on the History Channel’s “The Proof is Out There” television show. She appears as herself, a wildlife biologist.

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