Oshkosh Striker ARFF

The most innovative aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicle in the world.

The Oshkosh Striker is a specialized aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicle built by Oshkosh Corporation at the Pierce Mfg. facilities Appleton, Wisconsin.

They come in Model 1500 4×4 2-axles, Model 3000 6×6 3 axles, and Model 4500 8×8 4 axles. The model numbers represent the size (in gallons) of the water tank capacity. Each model also has a foam tank, respectively 210, 420, and 630 gallons.

All models can also carry 500 pounds of dry chemical and 460 pounds of Halotron 1. Halotron I is a fire extinguishing agent based on the raw material HCFC-123 (93%) mixed with tetrafluoromethane and argon as propellants.

The Striker features a wide track and low center of gravity to provide exceptional static side slope stability of at least 30º. They have unobstructed panoramic views of the scene with excellent forward, upward and lateral visibility. With 98 square feet of glass and a 254-degree horizontal viewing plane, there is better visibility when approaching the scene.

The response to an emergency is covered with 0-50 mph in 35 seconds acceleration and a top speed of 70mph. The engine is a Caterpillar diesel; four-cycle; in-line six; 950 bhp minimum at 2,100 rpm with a peak torque of 2,400 ft. lbs. @ 1,400 rpm.

The dimensions of the Striker are 535 inches in length; 122 inches in width (excluding rear view mirrors); 136 inches in height without the high reach extendable turret (HRET); 160 inches with 65-foot HRET.

The Snozzle high reach extendable turret (HRET) is designed to penetrate the fuselage of an aircraft with a tip length of 36 inches at any angle allowing for a clean attack on an internal fire. Additional depth of 12 in can be added to the Snozzle HRET. The K-factor system assists the operator with precise alignment and helps overcome depth perception challenges.

The Oshkosh power divider is a component to meet NFPA 414 Pump and Roll Requirements which allows the vehicle to pump and roll at any speed and time while having constant pressure all with one engine.

The standard operating firefighting systems on the Striker ARFF vehicle operate at 250 psi. An optional high-pressure system is available on a hose reel and operates at 600 psi or 1200 psi. Increased pressure creates smaller water droplets which enhance heat transfer by covering a larger surface area.

Action during a training exercise with DFW Airport’s Fire Rescue Team


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