A Grown-Up Guide To Dinosaurs – Podcast Review

Professor Ben Garrod reveals new dinosaur facts from cutting edge research into the greatest animals ever to walk the planet.
When we’re young, we all have a favorite dinosaur but, as time passes, other aspects of life get in the way. This is ultimate guide for grown-ups who have lost touch with their favorite childhood dinosaurs.

I listened to the Audible Podcast “A Grown-Up Guide To Dinosaurs” on Amazon. It consists of 6 episodes, each about 30 minutes. It is narrated by Professor Ben Garrod, an English evolutionary biologist, primatologist, and broadcaster. He is a Professor of Evolutionary Biology and Science Engagement at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, since 2019.

The Podcast basically goes from the beginning to the end of dinosaurs. Episode one is “What is a Dinosaur?” talking about what makes dinosaurs different from crocodiles or lizards. Ben explores London’s Natural History Museum and learns about the first dinosaur.

In episode 2, “Size Matters” they discuss the sizes of dinosaurs and discuss the larger of the species. “Feathered Freaks” gets into finding specimens that actually have feathers. Episode 4, “Who Needs Bones? discusses other clues found that belong to dinosaurs like tracks, feces, eggs, and nests.

In Episode 5, “What is Not a Dinosaur” they discuss species that are often mistaken for dinosaurs. The final episode “The Fall of the Dinosaurs” is what paleontologists have agreed to be the demise of the dinosaur era. I enjoyed the series but Alexa was a little confused as she kept calling the episodes by the wrong numbers but they played in the correct order.



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