Dr. Jessica Bloom


Dr. Jessica Victoria Bloom has a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the University of Sydney – studying galaxy mergers and their impact on galaxy evolution. Jessica is particularly interested in physics outreach and communicating complex science to the general public. Jessica taught Physics at the University of Sydney and was Astronomer in Residence at Uluru, leading star tours.

When she is not talking physics and the universe, Jessica is a circus performer – a contortionist, hooper, acrobat, and fire spinner – freelancing at nightclubs, parties, and festivals. She works full-time for a private consultancy firm. Jessica has hosted many public events and media roles including Todd Sampson’s Life on the Line, Dr. Karl’s Outrageous Acts of Science
and is a regular contributor to Dr. Karl’s Shirtloads of Science podcast.

Yes, I was at a Bruce Springsteen gig in Sydney last month and took a selfie by the stage with Bruce that went viral — it was No. 1 on Reddit and made all the London papers, CNN, Sky News and the Italian media. I’ve spent a lot of time lately refusing Facebook requests from random Italian men! My parents were laughing, like, “You go to university for eight years and you get famous for a selfie”

Jessica Bloom

From Daily Mail.com:

Jessica Bloom, 25, along with her dad Martin and nearly 18,000 other fans descended on Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena to watch the 67-year-old singing legend in action. It was during his hit, Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out, near the end of the concert that the astrophysicist and circus performer decided to snap a selfie.

‘He came into the crowd and I climbed onto this chair in these massive heels just dancing and singing along,’ Ms. Bloom told Daily Mail Australia. The 25-year-old thought she spotted Springsteen looking over, so quickly got her camera ready before he moved along. ‘I thought if I don’t take this photo now I’ll regret it forever, no one will believe me,’ Ms. Bloom said. ‘So I turned around and quickly tried to snap one before Bruce walked away.’


Daily Mail

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