Crazy Tasmanian Place Names

Tasmania’s quirky and unusual place names reflect the island’s colourful history

So just how many bottoms are there in Tasmania? Bikini bottom, no wait that’s Spongebob, but Tasmania has plenty of cool and weird names for places, I thought I would run some down.

There’s Suicide Bay and Victory Hill in Tasmania. Both were named by workers at Van Diemen’s Land Company to celebrate the massacre of 30 Aboriginal people, which should be recognized only as a reminder of a brutal past.

The Van Diemen's Land Company  is a farming corporation in the Australian state of Tasmania. It was founded in 1825 and received a royal charter the same year, and was granted 250,000 acres in northwest Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania) in 1826. The company was a group of London merchants who planned a wool growing venture to supply the needs of the British textile industry.

There is Bagdad, Perth, Brighton, Andover, Waterloo, London Lakes, Eggs and Bacon Bay which are all in Tasmania. You’ll also find Break-me-neck Hill, Bust-me-gut Hill, Bust Me Gall, Dismal Swamp, Horrible Hollow Gully, and Nowhere Else.

As you drive along the road from Hobart to Triabunna, you’ll soon realise that "Break-me-neck" and "Bust Me Gall" hills have been aptly named! It’s thought that the name came from European colonisers, who travelled with bullock drays laden with supplies, and obviously had difficulty on these steep hills!
It’s believed that a marine who was travelling through the area carried the book Arabian Nights in his saddlebag, which he used as inspiration to name the town Bagdad. Surrounded by green Australian bush, this town really is a far-cry from its namesake in the Middle East.  In fact when the Iraq war broke out, the town’s website was bombarded by people trying to contact Iraqis. 
Rumour has it that the town’s name of "Eggs and Bacon Bay" came about after Lady Jane Franklin, wife of former Tasmanian governor John Franklin, ate her breakfast there.

For the bottom of the list, there is Lovely Bottom, Prickly Bottom, Deep Bottom, Officers Bottom, Broad Bottom, Bottom Fancy, Boomers Bottom, Round Bottom, Stumpys Bottom, Lake Fanny, Bottom Lagoon, The Butts, and Butt of Liberty.

You’ll be able to visit The Nipples, Mossy Nipple Bend, Boobs Flat, Crack Pot, Crocodile Rock, Dismal Swamp, Nowhere Else, Stinkhole, The End of the World, Tonguers Point, Wineglass Bay, and Breasted Sugarloop. While in Tasmania also check out Misery Nob and Funny Nob Creek, and Pinnacle Knob

Crocodile Rock is a crocodile-shaped, low lying rock just offshore midway between Fungus Rock and the Blue Hole at Dwejra on Gozo’s West coast. A round shallow plateau extends from land and drops off steeply at the rock. This is another of Malta’s best dive sites with varying depths and can be enjoyed by qualified divers of all levels.

There’s also Doo Town. It all started in the 1930s when a local resident named his shack Doo I before his neighbors responded by calling their places Doo Me and Doo Us. From there it took off and now houses in the town are named Thistle Doo Me, Dr. Doolittle, Ittle Doo 4 Now, Just Doo It, Make Doo, Doo Love It, Doo-N-Time, and Wattle-I-Do to name a few.

I’m not sure about No No Hole, Humongous Hole, Guys Dirty Hole, Pensioners Bush, Tonguers Point, and Knockup. Awesome Wells must be really awesome. You’ll be able to ponder in Deep Thought, Tasmania, and possibly be scared in Satan’s Lair, Hellfire Bluff, and Little Hell. Of course, you could always retreat to Paradise, Tasmania.

If you're in Tasmania you can follow the Facebook group "Bioluminescence For All Tasmania Locations" and see where the latest sitings have been. The dazzling blue light is caused by algae named Noctiluca scintillans. The algae are entirely made from plants. They create a blue flash as a chemical reaction to warn off small sea creatures that are higher in the food chain. Interestingly enough, the algae themselves have a pretty big appetitive. There are reports of local Tasmanian fish farmers complaining that their shellfish go hungry because the algae bloom got in first and ate their fill. It’s not all bad news though, as tourists flock to the state in the chance to catch a glimpse of the unusual sight, bringing with them a potentially valuable injection into small towns economies.

Tasmania is a natural island, a land of dramatic coastlines, rugged mountains, tall forests, and sparkling highland lakes. Over a third of the state is reserved in a network of National Parks and the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area is a refuge and habitat for rare plants and animals, including survivors of the ancient southern supercontinent, Gondwana.


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