Trivia 3 – Basic Electronics

A circuit is a complete and closed path through which electric current can flow. In other words, a closed circuit would allow the flow of electricity between power and ground. An open circuit would break the flow of electricity between power and ground. Anything that is part of this closed system and that allows electricity to flow between power and ground is considered to be part of the circuit.

This is the third of my trivia question blog posts. This time it’s all about basic electronics. I studied Computer Hardware Electronics back in 1987. There are no prizes, just the pleasure of knowing how smart you are!

  1. The opposition offered by a capacitor to the alternating current flow, or simply AC current, is known as ____?

Answer is Here

  1. In transformers, the number of turns in the secondary winding will determine what ___?

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  1. What is the positive terminal of a diode called? What is the negative terminal called?

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  1. What are the three terminals of a transistor known as?

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  1. What does the last (4th or 5th) band on a resistor represent?

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