Oreo Vinyl?

Take a bite for a different song!

In 2017, Nabisco released the perfect novelty gift for the vinyl-loving stoner, an Oreo turntable that plays real-life Oreo cookies as records. Yes, Oreos have music on them and are still delicious. They even came with their own Oreo-sized record player.

This US version plays little ditties when you place the tone arm over an Oreo cookie or any item that will fit on the platter. You can even record your own voice that will then play. There is no stylus just a little light. I don’t think this caught on.

Another novelty of this device was that you could take a bite out of the cookie and then it would play a different song. There were 4 songs available. Placement back on the platter made a difference, as you will see in the video below.

Hong Kong-based agency Dimension Plus created the cookie-themed player.  To market the iconic cookie to Chinese teenagers, the agency converted edible Oreos into miniature record players. Local artists were then brought onboard to recreate the cookie’s classic theme.

We created an Oreo that plays music by replacing the classic embossing with grooves on the cookies’ surface that work as a vinyl record.  We placed these music embossed Oreos in special Music Packs.  Each cookie in the pack plays the Oreo anthem in a different musical style, bringing wonder to their ears.

Dimension Plus

The data on the cookie is embossed with a mod…  We wrote a program to transform the music into a pattern.  After that, we make it into a laser-engraving friendly format and produce the mod for the Oreo Vinyl production.

Dimension Plus

Each cookie in the pack plays the Oreo anthem in a different musical style, Jazz, Electronic, Chinese and Classical. I found no evidence that these ever made it to the United States.

It’s unclear if any record companies will be pursuing the cookie option for future releases, or if fans will be ditching the vinyl collections that they may have accumulated to replace the CDs they purchased to replace their original vinyl collections, and replacing them with Oreos.


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