Radio Favorites – Funk #49

Out all night, sleep all day, I know what you’re doing

As a record collector, I went out and hunted down a lot of my favorites but obviously came nowhere near getting them all. These are some of the favorites that I didn’t own at the time.

“Funk #49” is a rock song by the James Gang, an American rock band formed in 1966. The song was written by the band’s guitarist, Joe Walsh, along with bandmates Dale Peters (bass) and Jim Fox (drums). It was released as a single in 1970 and also appeared on the band’s second studio album, “James Gang Rides Again[1].”

I came up with the basic guitar lick, and the words never really impressed me intellectually, but they seemed to fit somehow. It was a real good example of how we put things together, bearing in mind that it was a three piece group, and I don’t think that there was any overdubbing. The only thing we really added was the percussion middle part, which the three of us actually played, putting some parts on top of the drums, but that’s the three piece James Gang, and that’s the energy and kind of the symmetry we were all about.

The song was a moderate success upon release, peaking at #59 on the Billboard Hot 100. The lyrics focus on a wild girlfriend the singer cannot tame. Most of the song is a vehicle for Walsh’s guitar performance. The song got its title as a sequel to “Funk #48”, a song from Yer’ Album, their first LP.

Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh would later record a “Funk #50”, which was included on his 2012 solo album Analog Man.

Funk #49 written by Joe Walsh, Jim Fox, and Dale Peters

Uh, sleep all day, out all night,
I know where you’re going.
I don’t that’s a-acting right,
You don’t think it’s showing.
A-jumpin’ up, fallin’ down,
Don’t misunderstand me.
You don’t think that I know your plan,
What you try’n to hand me?

Out all night, sleep all day,
I know what you’re doing.
If you’re gonna a-act that way,
Think there’s trouble brewing.

  1. “James Gang Rides Again” is the second studio album by the American rock band James Gang, released in 1970. The album, often referred to as simply “Rides Again,” is a pivotal work in the band’s discography and features the classic lineup of Joe Walsh on guitar and vocals, Dale Peters on bass, and Jim Fox on drums. Known for its energetic and bluesy rock sound, the album includes standout tracks such as “Funk #49” and “Walk Away,” showcasing Walsh’s guitar prowess and the band’s tight musical chemistry. “James Gang Rides Again” has earned critical acclaim and has become a classic of the 1970s rock era. It marks a significant chapter in Joe Walsh’s career, foreshadowing his later success as a solo artist and as a member of the Eagles. [Back]

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