Rocket Launch (04/18/20)

Another great day, temperature was perfect, around 70 degrees. The wind was gusting, occasionally pretty hard, but didn’t cause us any problems.

Kevin’s Foo Man Chu on a C11-3

Kevin hooking up the ignitor

Kevin’s Super Big Bertha (Chad Staged) on a D12-0/D12-5

Kevin’s Scratch built Maroon on a C6-7 (Altimeter 1053 feet)

Kevin’s Estes Sizzler (rear ejection) C6-3

My cluster rocket on 3 B6-4’s

You can see all three motors lit, and it went really high on the three B’s

Kevn’s Estes Argent/Ventris kit-bash on a F15-6

Kevin’s R2-D2 (delayed lift off-after I stopped snapping)

Kevin’s Launch Pad Perseus II on dual D12-5’s

Kevin’s Launch Pad SAAB on E12-4

My Launch Pad Perseus takes off on and Estes black powder E

…and Bigelo, seen here recovering my rocket

Kevin’s Q Modeling Hawkeye on an E28-4T

Kevin’s Custom Equinox D12-5

Kevin’s Thing 3 On a C6-3

Kevin’s Gyroc

My Spaceship One on a C6-3

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