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I’ve been eating at The Varsity since I was born.  Daddy worked at Automobile Glass back then,  which wad located in the parking lot of the downtown location of The Varsity.  When we would go on school trips to Atlanta,  they would stop at The Varsity for lunch.  Mother loved Hastings, a lawn and garden place,  located across the the street from  The Varsity Jr., Lindbergh and Cheshire Bridge Road. We would eat at The Varsity in Athens when going to Georgia events.  I don’t know how many times we went to the downtown Varsity after a concert!. The Varsity has always been one of my favorites.
[From] “What’ll ya have… What’ll ya have?” There’s no friendlier greeting than the one you’ll receive when you step up to the counter at The Varsity. And that’s just the beginning of what makes The Varsity so special. There’s not a faster, fresher, or more fun-filled dining experience like it anywhere! Gordy family-owned and operated since 1928, The Varsity is a downtown Atlanta institution, and The World’s Largest Drive-in Restaurant.
Visiting The Varsity before a big game, or anytime for a quick, delicious meal is more than just dining out, it’s experiencing an iconic part of Atlanta’s culture. Now, with six locations and growing, The Varsity is the nearly ninety year-old fun place to eat that keeps getting better with age.

Varsity Timeline

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