Sid & Marty Kroft’s Bugaloos Game

B,B,B,B Bugaloos!

Sid & Marty Kroft’s Bugaloos Game is a Milton Bradley, 1971, board game based on the 1970-72 NBC television series airing on Saturday mornings.

In the game you try to be the first Bugaloo to reach Tranquility Island. The quartet was I.Q. (John McIndoe), Harmony (Wayne Laryea), Courage (John Philpott) and Joy (Caroline Ellis). You roll dice and move spaces, which are notes.

Some notes are safe, the others have you take either a capture or release card. If captured you move to one of those areas, Benita Bizzare’s (BB) Jukebox Penthouse, Peter Platter D.J. at Radio Station KOOK, Funky Rat

Benita’s german accented chauffeur, Woofer and Tweeter Benita’s Henchmen. Then you have to roll a certain number or use a release card to return to the game. While moving through the game you cannot land on another Bugaloo player piece. You

must drop back to the previous unoccupied note and do as that note may direct. The first player to land on the big finish, by the exact count of the dice, is the winner. The game is setup for 2-4 players and suggest ages 8-12. The Bugaloos were peace loving and hippie like which certainly shows on the box cover and game board art.

Unfortunately, Sparky the firefly doesn’t have a role in the game but is in the artwork. The Bugaloos live in Tranquility Forest so in the game you must make it to their Tranquility Island Recording Studio.

Check it out on Here is the Bugaloos website, Facebook,

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