Carnival (1980)

Carnival is an arcade game made by Gremlin/Sega in 1980. It was the first game to include a bonus round. It is for one or two players (one at a time) to shoot moving targets with the gun at the bottom of the screen. It was programmed by Medo Moreno with the support of Murphy Bivens and Helene Schlein.

The music is Over the Waves (Sobre las Olas) by Juventino Rosas which was the tune commonly associated with carnivals.

Over the Waves, not from the game, but you’ll get the idea of what it sounds like.

The arcade version came in Upright and Cocktail Cabinets running the Sega VIC Dual, Z80 @1.9 Mhz CPU and the display was a Rater 224 x 256, 64 colors (6 used). Ports were made to consoles in 1982. Electronic Games magazine called the Colecovision port of Carnival, “a letter perfect recreation of the arcade original that’s not to be missed.”

Carnival is my favorite arcade game. I played many a quarter/token in those machines and had the high scores at every console I played. Occasionally someone would top me, or the arcade would lose power, and I would have to play until I was high score again. When Colecovision

announced Carnival, I bought the console immediately and never regretted the decision. I’m sure this purchase saved me money too! The way the game plays is that you have a fixed gun at the bottom that can

only move left or right, with your ammo displayed as individual bullets. Hitting rabbits, bears, ducks, according to which row they’re on awards you points. If you shoot the letters, in order B O N U S, will award you bonus points. There are also blocks with 5 or 10, hitting these get you that many more bullets. There is an ever-changing box to the top left that has – or + bullets/points so you have to be careful and hit it on the plus sign.

The Spinning wheel has 8 spokes, 2 each of 4 colors. If you hit them, getting the same color back to back, you get a bonus. The ducks, reaching the bottom, will cause them to fly. You can still shoot them , but if you miss they will eat 10 bullets. Clearing everything and having bullets remaining will win the level. The bonus round is a bear the walks across the screen.

When you shoot him he roars and goes the other way, faster and faster. As you clear the screens you get more bears, up to four. As the game goes on, there are more ducks and less extra-bullet targets so your aim becomes a premium! If you’ve never played, give it a try!

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