In Navajo culture, a skinwalker is a harmful witch that can turn into, possess or disguise themselves as an animal. In their language it is yee naaldlooshii which means it goes on all fours. The Navajo are reluctant to talk about skinwalkers with outsiders or people they do not really trust.

The medicine men and woman are known as good people that help their community, but the skinwalker is evil, manipulating magic, that could be good, into a perversion of evil and twisted ceremonies to cause chaos. It is thought that some of these good medicine people, not being able to handle their responsibilities, may become corrupt. Legend says that a lot of these Skinwalkers take the bodies of coyotes but other animals can be used as well as humans, male and female.

There are a couple of television shows that got me wondering about Skinwalkers. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, on History, where all sorts of strange things happen, including UFO’s, animal mutilations, unexplained illness and paranormal activities.

The other is Mystery of Blind Frog Ranch, on Discovery, located near the Skinwalker Ranch, where treasure hunters are after an underground cache of treasure, but weird things haunt their movements similar to above.

Author: Doyle

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